We are an innovative new company that works exclusively with independent retailers enabling them to compete with large chain stores and online retailers by getting their stock online, visible and searchable. This is not an e-commerce solution but rather a way to give potential customers the ability to find the products they need and the option to buy them locally.

If the Internet is choking your business, then use the Internet to fight back!

All modern businesses appreciate that their web site is their online shop window and in this digital age it is an effective tool for generating more business. However, if your products are not visible and searchable then there is a real risk that potential customers will look elsewhere. They may not even have been aware that you stock those items!

Many independent retailers already have a great web site and some have even managed to get their stock online and have seen the benefits it brings. Unfortunately, many more simply do not have the time or resources to take this crucial step. Our low-cost solutions are designed to bridge that gap!

Shopping trends have changed dramatically over the last few years as customers expect to easily find goods online. However, research has shown that many customers, having found the goods they need, would actually prefer to buy from local businesses as it offers real advantages:

  • It avoids the inconvenience and cost of having to wait in for delivery; not to mention the hassle of returning stuff that didn’t quite match up to the pictures on the internet!
  • They can have the items they need on the same day (without having to drive several miles into the nearest city or retail park)
  • They get to see, touch or in some cases try on the items
  • Retailers’ advice and in-depth knowledge of their products can offer real benefits

At the heart of our solution is an embedded Product Search Engine which can be placed anywhere on your web site to enable customers to easily find the products they need.

If you currently use a Stock Management System - whether it is a sophisticated EPOS or even a simple spreadsheet - we can connect to it and automatically update your search engine in real time. Prices start from just £9.99 per month (a one-off setup fee may be applicable depending on your Stock Management System)

Check out How it Works Part 1 for more information.

If you do not use a Stock Management System, then take a look at How it Works Part 2 to see how our powerful but easy to use Stock Control Panel can be used in conjunction with our embedded Product Search Engine to get your stock online and searchable from just £9.99 per month.